Savant is a prolific, but anonymous British street artist.  His paste-ups and hand painted works appear on walls across London and other cities. 

He has exhibited paintings, drawings and collages in several exhibitions.

Commenting with a situationist aesthetic, Savant's work subverts the language of mass culture; exploring what it means to be a human being in the 21st century; the loss of critical thinking and self identity; the sinister side of complacency.  The death of the "individual" in the modern world, in both physical and metaphorical terms.

Central to his work are an ongoing series of collage/sketch books, which take anything from 2 -5 months to finish.  These unique books comprise of discarded ephemera along with drawn/re-purposed images, and their content often informs the images which subsequently appear on the streets.

Savant collects comics, books, CD’s and vinyl, artworks and fanzines.  He wishes for a house deep in the woods in which to store this collection and keep well away from humanity.

(Photo by Jeremy Moseley)